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Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

October 19, 2016

Maisie Crow On her documentary Jackson


A great documentary about the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, full of terrific people and new information about a long-controversial topic.

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

October 18, 2016

Blackhorse Lowe Award-winning filmmaker. His new film is Chasing The Light


This is a cool, moody, black and white film with a strong visual art sense, about screenwriter living in Albuquerque who is trying to deal with heartbreak, art, and some pretty nutty friends.

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

October 17, 2016

This week on the Radio Cafe we’re featuring interviews with directors from the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival.

Tom Donahue Director of the documentary Thank You For Your Service


I think this film should be seen by every citizen of this country. Important, beautifully done, moving. The filmmaker will be in Santa Fe for the Saturday and Sunday screenings of the film. Here’s the schedule for all the screenings:

Fri. Oct. 21 1:15 PM
Sat. Oct. 22 11:30 AM
Sun. Oct. 23 1:10 PM

Simon DeDeo

August 19, 2016

Simon DeDeo Santa Fe Institute and Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, on Charles Darwin

Simon Dedeo

This show aired on KUNM Public Radio on August 19.

First audio: Broadcast version

Second Audio: Unabridged version

Nancy Owen Lewis

July 22, 2016

Nancy Owen Lewis Cultural anthropologist, scholar-in-residence at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe. She’s author of the new book Chasing The Cure in New Mexico: Tuberculosis and the Quest for Health, published by the Museum of New Mexico Press

Chasing the Cure

This show aired on KUNM Public Radio on July 22.